Billing & Reimbursement
Marketing & Management

Billing and practice analysis go hand in hand.                                                          A healthy practice knows more than just how much money is in the bank.

  • Do you collect all you can at the time of service?
  • Are all the services you perform cost effective?
  • Do you bill properly for all the services you are entitled to?

  • Do you recognize and aggressively appeal incorrect payments?
  • Do you review your diagnosis coding for truncated ICD-9 codes?
  • Do you use modifiers to your benefit?
  • Are the codes on your fee slip obsolete?

  • Do you know your days in A/R?
  • Do you know your payer mix?
  • Are you at risk with Medicare due to inadequate ABN for non-covered services?

  • Are you obtaining & tracking authorizations efficiently?

  • Do you gather potential member data when reviewing contracts?
  • Are you analyzing and comparing reimbursement data?
  • Do you know which other payers your contract will be utilized by?

  • Is your capitation check covering the cost of treating your capitated patients?
  • Should you have a “carve-out” in your capitated contract?

Together we can answer these questions to maximize your profit and let you focus on the reason you opened your practice  . . . . .  Patient Care.